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DTBat News
DTBat News
DTBird presence in WindEurope Bilbao 2022 & CWW 2022!

Last week, DTBird team delegates traveled to Bilbao for the WindEurope Annual Event in Spain and the Conference on Wind & Wildlife Impacts in Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands. The Conferences & Exhibitions were held simultaneously and lasted from April 4th till April 8th. During the events, we presented our DTBird & DTBat systems to Wind Farm Developers, Operators and Manufacturers, Environmental Consultants, Project Managers and University students. 

Those visitors who attended the Bilbao Event, got to see firsthand the latest hardware design of our cameras, speakers and bat systems! 

We want to thank all the visitors that came by our Stands, we look forward to working together in the future!


DTBird & DTBat Stand WindEurope Bilbao 2022DTBird & DTBat Stand at WindEurope Annual Event Bilbao 2022, Spain.



Offshore Redesign of Camera Housing

DTBird systems have been deployed successfully in an offshore environment since 2016, starting with the Offshore platform Fino1 (North Sea). Recently, a new and improved design for the cameras’ housing was developed. This housing gives greater protection against corrosion and humidity in a marine setting. For every wind farm, DTBird prepares a specific Engineering project to accommodate camera location, orientation and fixing to the wind turbine and/or transition piece, whether it’s a fixed or floating Wind Farm. New incoming Offshore projects will benefit it!

DTBird Offshore EquipmentNew DTBird Offshore Camera Design



New Manufacturing Facilities and Company Areas

In recent months, DTBird strengthened and enlarged the organization and structure. Selection processes were opened, and the new employees were incorporated to develop the Human Resources, Legal, Research, Cybersecurity, Engineering and Manufacturing areas of DTBird&DTBat. Currently, there are more than 50 Technicians working behind the scenes.

The Manufacturing areas and offices have been expanded to accommodate more technicians, material stockage, tools and testing areas.

DTBird Organizational Chart September 2021DTBird Company Organizational Chart.


 DTBird Manufacturing Area 1

Manufacturing Area Renovation.


DTBird Office Area 1

 DTBird Office.

Cybersecurity Compliance


Since last year, the company began to implement an organizational cybersecurity policy, which ultimately improves the manufacturing of the DTBird & DTBat systems. The cybersecurity procedures include the fulfillment of IEC 62443, an international standard which applies to Wind Farms as these are considered large industrial communication networks and systems. Consequently, all the areas of the company were technically aligned, ranging from Human Resources (employee selection and cybersecurity awareness) to the hardening of the DTBird & DTBat systems (all hardware components included).

DTBird cybersecurity complianceDTBird & DTBat cybersecurity compliance

New DTBird Offshore Projects on the horizon!

As the Offshore wind market continues to grow across regions, so does the demand to install and operate DTBird & DTBat units. DTBird has unique features of bird monitoring, mortality mitigation, and even collision control that comply with the Environmental Authorizations. 

 DTBird Offshore units undergo a higher customization of equipment, cabling, fixing, communications and cybersecurity to fulfill the quality, durability and robustness needed for operation in marine weather conditions. 
DTBird is operating in the North Sea since 2016 and has been installed in 3 Offshore Projects and 5 Near-shore Projects. Lately, DTBird has completed 5 Engineering Design Projects, to be installed in new Wind Farms.
Feel free to contact us for further information! 


Map of Countries with DTBird Near-shore & Offshore Projects.Map of Countries with DTBird Near-shore & Offshore Projects.

DTBird hits the 300+ worldwide units’ mark!

DTBird consolidates its position as market leader of bird & bat monitoring & mortality mitigation systems for the Wind Energy sector. At the end of 2020, the company reached the 300th unit installed since the technology was ready for commercialization back in Spain, 2009.

Along the way, third party companies continue to be trained to aid in the installation and maintenance of the systems worldwide. More than 40 DTBird and 5 DTBat units have been installed in Onshore projects across Europe throughout Q3 and Q4 2020.


DTBirdV8N2 Offshore ModelSide view of one of the four sets of cameras from DTBirdV8N2 model for Offshore, installed in the Transition Piece.

Presenting the new Data Analysis Platform for DTBird & DTBat Systems 

The Data Analysis Platform (DAP) receives a fresh, new look. This version 2.0 provides a cleaner, User-Friendly interface. Some major upgrades include:

  • Filtering of any time period: selection of bird flights/bat sonograms.
  • Advanced Search feature:
    • Analyzed-Not analyzed flights/sonograms.
    • Analyzed bird flights/bat sonograms by species/groups.
  • Higher image quality in videos.
  • Control Manager Tab: Allows access to operational state of each Camera/ Detection Module.
  • New graphics and figures in the automatic reporting tool.

DTBird DAP has already being used by local consultants, Bird & Bat protection NGO's and Authorities in several countries. 


DTBird&DTBat new DAP 2.0DAP 2.0 for DTBird&DTBat systems

Over 50 DTBird units installed in the first half of 2020

Despite the COVID-19 world pandemic, over 50 DTBird units have been installed in the first half of 2020. The units were installed on and offshore, throughout Europe and the USA.

The service of the DTBird & DTBat units; monitoring and reducing the mortality of birds and bats; has not stopped even during the quarantine periods. Although restrictions were placed on public and company’s personnel movements worldwide, DTBird & DTBat units continued operating at Wind Farms providing bird and bat smart transparent wind power.


Optimized IMG 20200617 134911 1DTBird Collision Avoidance Module with 10 speakers - D10 Model

Installation of DTBird Technology on Saitec's first floating offshore wind deployment

A DTBirdV4N2 Model was installed at the beginning of June, on the "BlueSATH", a 1:6 scale prototype of a 10MW wind turbine using SATH floating technology at the Astander Shipyard located in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. It is comprised of 4 HD daylight cameras and 2 HD thermal cameras, provding 360º coverage of the Rotor Swept Area. The prototype will be finally installed in El Abra del Sardinero. The data gathered at the site will shed more light on the species' type, behaviour and activity patterns.

DTBird has already provided engineering technical support for the integration in 6 Offshore projects.


IMG 20200605 133400 resized 20200608 020443618 DTBirdV4N2 System installed on Saitec's BlueSATH protoype