After closing up the Spanish Wind Energy event in Gran Canarias, Agustín Riopérez gave a brief presentation as a Speaker at the European Vulture Conference hosted by the Vulture Conservation Foundation. The Conference took place in Cáceres, Extremadura, and went from November 14th to November 17th in the San Francisco Cultural Centre.

In the session, we shared how our system works, and showed examples of effective detections and WTG shutdowns with vultures being the main protagonists. Another takeaway point was the imminent growth in WTG rotor diameter seen across Onshore wind farms and how larger turbines would lead to longer WTG stopping times to decrease the collision risk. This ultimately puts at risk vultures who tend to fly using heated air currents and are considered to be slow to react against obstacles.


DTBird at European Vulture Conference 2023

European Vulture Conference, Cáceres, Extremadura

2023, Spain.