DTBird’s CEO, Agustín Riopérez was invited as a Speaker and joined other four expert panelists to discuss the environmental value of Offshore Wind Farms, in the environmental session of the congress hosted by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE in Spanish). It took place from November 6th till November 8th in Las Palmas, in Gran Canarias, and was carried out in the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus.

In the session, we shared how our system works and the benefits of employing a camera-based detection system to monitor birds located near offshore wind farms. Since our systems record activity and also (potential) collisions, we provide useful datasets for Operators, Developers, Environmental Administrations, and other stakeholders.


DTBird_ II Congreso Eólico Marino 2023Agustín Riopérez DTBird_ II Congreso Eólico Marino

II Congreso Eólico Marino, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,

2023, Spain.